Your energy
procurement engine.

Commercial and industrial procurement made simple.


Why Energin?

We provide a turnkey solution that will drive substantial growth in your business profitability.

Energin provides your consulting team with all that they need to enable them to see more customers and do more business.

Reduce cost of doing business

Energin streamlines the energy procurement process by systemising and automating the communication process with suppliers.


Energin’s ability to drive revenue growth combined with cost reduction delivers exponential profitable growth.

Expand customer relationships

Energin gives energy industry consultants and advisors all that they need to procure retail energy contracts on behalf of their customers.

Simplify your back office

Energin removes the labourious manual processes involved in the contestable retail energy contract, tendering compliance and commission billing.

Build value in your business

Energin helps your business deliver profitability growth to underpin the valuation of your business.

Seamless API integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing crm
and client management systems.

How Energin drives a Win/Win/Win for your business profitability.

High quality proposal report and marketing collateral that underpin confidence in your business.

Energin’s brochure quality proposals give your clients the confidence they need to commit to your services.


Higher sales conversion rate
More revenue
Increased profititability

More time for your consultants and sales team to build relationships and sell.

Energin takes care of the administration so your team can focus on what they do best: Advising and Selling.


More time for relationships
More sales opportunities
Increased profitability

Complete process automation delivers back office efficiency.

Energin takes care of the complete energy tender, transfer compliance, commission billing and invoice validation process.


Reduced back office workload
Reduced costs
Increased profititability

Your engine.

The system that that will drive your energy business forward.


Powering growth in your energy
consultancy and advice business.

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