Sample Proposal Package

Delivering confidence to your customers

Our commercial sales proposals are designed to give your customer the confidence they need to commit without hesitation.

​In our experience, the decision maker in a commercial and industrual energy contract matter varies depending on the nature of the business that we are working with.

We find the final decision maker can be the PA to the CEO, the accountant, the CFO, the COO, the Facililities Manager or the CEO himself. It really depends on the business.

Energin sales proposals have been purposefully designed to deliver client confidence no matter who the in the business you are dealing with.

How do we achieve this?

  1. We make it professional;
  2. We make it informative;
  3. We provide detail for those who require it.

​Proposal sample

​Energin is a white label service meaning that we brand all sales and marketing collatoral according to your business’ style guide.

A typical proposal package includes four documents:

  1. Sales Proposal;
  2. Offer Comparison Report
  3. Off Accetpance Form
  4. Retailer Agreement

Following is an example of a package prepared for Fortiserve Group.

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Sales Proposal
Comparison Report
Acceptance Form