Energin for Solar & Efficiency Market Operators

A solution for new technology providers to grow their sales and save time



Helping you to focus on what you do best. Selling & Advising.


Close more deals. Reduce your costs.


Your back office side kick.

Energin is a proprietary tender management platform that is available to Energin members aiming to grow their business.

Is Energin for you?

You are a solar installer or energy efficiency adviser;

You’re building business relationships and quoting plenty of jobs, but you’re keen to do more to create highly engaged customers out of businesses that you are meeting with.

You can see that offering your customers help with their energy contracts is a logical service to be offering given that you are focused on helping business reduce and manage energy costs.

Your business currently relies on a lumpy income stream given the project based nature of your business. You’re keen to introduce a consistant monthly income stream to offset the quiet times;

How Energin can help you

Drive sales volume – Energin takes care of the complete energy brokerage fulfilment function allowing your sales team to focus their energy on what they do best – Sell.

Drive sales value – Energin provides your business the capability to sell a higher margin product to a higher value customer base being commercial and industrial electricity customer.

Drive sales conversion – Energin produces high quality sales material that give your customers confidence to act without hesitation.

Reduce cost of sales – Energin automates your sales and fulfillment function to reduce your cost of doing business

How does Energin work?

It’s quite simple.

You identify a new prospect, and you gain their authority. Then Energin goes to work.

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